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We started off our night at the Mill Street Brewery, in the Distillery District of Toronto. We really couldn’t have picked a better place to start our night too. Arriving just before the NYE rush we were sat right away at a table to begin our “liquid diet” as Ben so eloquently put it to our waitress. After a few rounds of shots and a pitcher of their finest Distillery Ale, I asked our waitress what sitcom character she most closely identified with — she said Max, from 2 Broke Girls (which really only made me appreciate her more). As I mentioned, Mill Street not only offered delicious beers, but also some really creative shots. “Max” started us off with a round of “quick cocaino" shots with if I remember correctly were some sort of Goldschl├Ąger, J├Ąger, and some sort of cinnamon-y liquor. We munched on their to die for pretzel bread whilst we finished off our pitcher of beer, and before leaving, we downed another round of shots — this time “electric popsicles" (which the internet tells me is a mixture of vodka, blue Curacao, and some sort of melon liqueur).

Upon paying our tab (and disappointing Max the waitress with our early departure), we were pushed out of our comfort zone and forced to learn how to summon a cab. Ben attempted to call, but my keen eye spotted a line of a dozen or so cabs lined up outside the distillery district. We really had no idea where we were going to go from our nice safe table at the Mill Street Brewery, but we knew that we must venture out into the city. I walked up to one of the cabs in a line and asked the gentleman to take us anywhere on Queen St., and like a little couple of little Canadian Carrie Bradshaws we were zooming into the city.

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